Who else could we be talking about? The one and only Linzi Hawkin of Hello Glow! Linzi has been there for us since the beginning, guiding us, keeping us sane and offering invaluable advice along with her complete confidence in us when we doubted what we were trying to accomplish.

Linzi helps you build your brand with purpose and integrity. She makes you realise that a brand is much more than an all singing and dancing logo and fancy website, it’s about being real, telling your story from the heart and finding a realistic balance to achieve it all.

Linzi’s Superstoked™ Method is a six-week 1:1 branding programme that enables you to build the essential elements of your brand strategy and it has been instrumental to us.

She is what you call a strategy and digital geek – there is not an app she doesn’t know about that can make your life easier. We can’t thank her enough for all her time, honest opinions, clarification and forward thinking when we were in the creative process and feeling completely overwhelmed. When fear grips you, Linzi is a rock.

Starting on your journey of building a brand and feeling lost? Email Linzi. In six weeks you will be saying the same as us about her.


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