robyn & willow has been grown from the ground up with integrity as well as vision. It’s taken longer, really, truly longer, to get here due to the absolute dedication to ethical and responsible manufacturing.

Founders Elizabeth Talbot and Kaydia Torrell, both designers, had admired each others work and ideas for years and finally decided it was time to put all their creative talents and resources together.

robyn & willow was born and a mutual passion of their British heritage has inspired and navigated their journey.

Both designers live in Jersey, a small island in the English Channel that provides a constant source of inspiration and intrigue. Jersey may be small, but its rugged, varied and beautiful landscape is something to truly admire and respect.

Elizabeth and Kaydia are both massively sentimental and this is where the name robyn & willow was created, from people they love and what they now represent. It is also quintessentially British and this was their idea from the very beginning, to have their designs made in the UK, completely.

Having both studied and lived in London, and with strong family connections, London was the obvious choice to start their search for high-end tailors and talented print designers for their clothes to come to life. It has been one hell of ride to reach this far but worth every minute, as what they have researched and learnt along the way has been invaluable.

robyn & willow create exquisite pieces without compromising on the environment, people and production. It is about the appreciation of craftsmanship, intricate detail and design, using the finest quality textiles and embellishments, made with love, care and attention – they believe every woman should know where and how their garments are made.

Fabrics are designed to be as individual as possible with an emphasis on uplifting and vibrant colours. Signature styles are the core of the collection so a much-loved kaftan, dress or jacket can be bought afresh in a different fabric years later.

A robyn & willow piece is to be treasured for a lifetime and passed from generation to generation.

Elizabeth:Designer. Stylist. Writer. Go getter. Collector of friends and wonderful acquaintances. Introspective yet sociable and greatly communicative. Passionate woman of truth and courage. Mother of two cute little people with characters curiously planets apart. Lives life on a rollercoaster of high tensile energy. Becomes Crazy Lady on coffee.

Kaydia: Fashion Designer. Artist. Creator of beauty, loveliness and order. Mother of sparkly whirlwind daughter. Spirited yet sensitive. Deeply kind, loving and dedicated. A zealous attention to detail that is to be admired. Needs daily injections of coffee. Good coffee.

Both best avoided on an empty stomach, its why they work so well together.



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